Magical Moments

I recently started playing Love is Blue on my piano after a long hiatus from playing. When I heard this song again I found me reverting to the times I played songs for my folks and sister who are now all deceased. Music truly does touch the heart for emotions and the mind to bring back special times. Great video about magical moments during Mid-Winter 2021. Tony, HOA Lead 

  SHARING JOY   Spreading the joy of song to others is something we all strive for as Barbershoppers.  The Tacoma TotemAires happen to practice at a venue that is across the parking lot from a dialysis center.  After a quick phone call to a nurse at the facility, the Chorus confirmed that the folks inside receiving treatment might benefit from a few songs. So, that's exactly what they did.  Around 30 members popped over before their weekly Chapter meeting for a quick visit.  During the performance, the chorus received a number of smiles, thumbs up, and applause from not only the patients, but also the staff. Ed Gentz, Chapter President, states: "You can really make a difference in someone's life through song.  What we did here tonight benefits the patients, and it also gives us a boost to see people light up with joy." You can see the video from this visit here:

  Magical things happen when music is involved!   One of the tenors from my chapter was hospitalized in serious condition. We went to sing to him, not knowing if they would let us into the ICU. When we opened the ICU area doors we were stopped and told we couldn’t come in, but when we explained that we were there to sing they cheerfully invited us in. We really surprised our friend, sang two songs (with the hospital staff applauding), then started to leave. But a nurse for a different patient came to ask if we would sing to her charge, a young man in his late 20s who was obviously in pain, so we sang Irish Blessing and soon he was sobbing. As we said goodbye, through tears he said “Thanks, that was just what I needed.”    Keith Eckhardt, for Group Therapy Quartet