Gerry Borden - 2017 Hall of Fame Mem

Congratulations to 2017 Evergreen District Hall of Fame Inductee, Gerry Borden, from Abbotsford, British Columbia. 

Evergreen Hall of Fame Inductee

The newest member of the EVG Hall of Fame has a very large resume. Suffice it to say he has done many, many things in EVG and in his personal life: the short list would be that he has been a member over 30 yrs. as a leading chapter officer, quartetter, Director in 3 choruses, Dist. Pres. Exec. V.P., CSLT V.P., Trustee of the BLMF, Director of the Pacific Barbershop Summit, Instructor at HCNW, Society aboard member, Board member and Trustee of Sing Canada Harmony, Chapter Counselor, went to Harmony University many times, has a teaching certificate and a Bachelor’s degree from on Seattle Pacific Univ , instructed music at Univ. of Fraser Valley, worked for Parks Canada, and is the present President and Director of Heritage Abbotsford Society although along with a great love for Western Canadian history and in facilitating that through his various community and provincial jobs and programs. We welcome Gerry Borden (as well as his wife Linda) into the Hall of Fame for 2017. Congratulations to a very busy, dedicated and talented man !!!

Response by Gerry Borden

Thank you, so very much, for the honor bestowed this past weekend. It is truly an honor and privilege to be inducted into the Evergreen District Hall of Fame. To see the great luminaries of the District who share the green jacket humbles me. I feel like the dim bulb that helps to make their accomplishments burn that much brighter. Thank you for the opportunity to have served the District over the past nearly 30 years in leadership, education and performance. This recognition, though, is shared by many, for no one man can accomplish much without the support of the many men and women who actively participate in the workings of our chapters, district and Society. Again, thank you!


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1987 - Don Robison (Springfield, OR)

1983 - Al Fraser (Calgary, AB)

1982 - L.H. "Hub" Stone (Klamath Falls, OR)

1982 - J.H. "Bud" Leabo (Creswell, OR)



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