Congratulations to 2018 Evergreen District Hall of Fame Inductee, Carl VanHoff. 

Evergreen Hall of Fame Inductee

Our newest inductee into the Evergreen District Hall of Fame comes from a very diversified background. He is originally from Ohio, where he was educated and received his Bachelors and Masters degrees. He is now retired from many municipal and legislative positions in 3 states as well as being a teacher way back when.

He first got into barbershop in high school and finally got into the “real stuff” about 15 years ago. He started a fledgling chapter and was on the initial board there. He and his chapter hosted and ran a successful contest as well as the inaugural show right out of the box. He is one organized worker, writer and leader !!

He was invited to become a member of the Evergreen District board as a Board Member at Large two years later and served for 7 years using his technical background to focus on legal issues, insurance policies and special projects. 

In 2008 he became our annual Evergreen District Barbershopper of the Year.

He has served diligently as curriculum and faculty coordinator for our HCNW (the premier education weekend of the BHSD) for years and has served as Co-Dean for the past 9 years.  HCNW staff and faculty regularly includes SAI members – and this all fits in with our own EVERYONE IN HARMONY mission and he was an innovator in this area as well !!

He has just retired from that position, but will remain active in our District activities in the near future.

Response by Carl VanHoff

It was truly an honor to be inducted into the Evergreen District’s Hall of Fame.   Thank you to those who nominated me and selected me, and thank you to all who extended their best wishes.  When I look at the list of those who are already in the Hall of Fame, I am humbled to be included. 

Looking again at that list reveals something further.   Many of those men are there for their high levels of musical achievement, and this is to be expected, since we are a singing organization.  Another group of men are on that list not for their medals or placement in contests, but because they chose to support all of us, to make barbershop singing more fun, and more accessible, and more successful.   They help chapters and the District run effectively so that we can focus on the music.  They organize schools and training, to help us polish our craft, and please our audiences.  

Perhaps there is a place in the Hall of Fame for you.   Find something you are good at (an action or skill that is easy for you, and that adds value to the group).  It might be singing at an exemplary level.  It might be your skill to improve a process.   It might be your willingness to teach and share, so as to help others of us.  Fuel that effort – whatever it is -- with your passion, and make a contribution.  That’s a recipe that fits all who are in the Hall of Fame.

It has been a joy to serve my barbershop friends in the northwest.  Thank you again for the honor.  Sincerely - Carl


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