The Bud Leabo Memorial Fund was developed to honor one of the great early leaders of the Evergreen District. Bud's accomplishments and contributions to the District were many, and can be best explained by a paragraph taken from Evergreen Gold: A Fifty Year History of the Evergreen District, by Ray Greaves and Ed Hartley:

"(1981) started with bad news. J.H. "Bud" Leabo, Mr. Evergreen, passed away on January 7. Bud had been around since the earliest days ofthe district, singing in a quartet (Hills Creek Four) and helping organize the Eugene Chapter. For 34 years he had been a barbershopper of importance as director, judge, arranger, educator, coach, and district administration, dispending advice and judgement of sterling worth, patinaed with a golden humor that all could enjoy. It was particularly during the early years of the district that Bud's worth was most vauable, There would have been a district without him, surely, but it would not have seen the level of organization, quality and pupose as quickly if he had not been so intensely involved from the start. All of us, those who know him and those who followed after, are deeply in hs debt."

The Bud Leabo Fund was started soon after his death, and your contributions provide scholarships and financial support to barbershoppers and youth for music education schools, youth music camps, judges training, and director development schools. In addition, the scope of the fund includes providing financial support for coaching at the chapter level, the purchase of books and other instructional material, and the underwriting of music related schools and guest instructors.

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Conflict Dates

Convention Dates and Conflicts

Update November 20, 2020 Rob Macdonald, Evergreen Director of Events


Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on our Conventions and Contests for 2020 and 2021. Here are the updated “assigned” dates for the Division and District conventions 2021-2025. * denotes a shared convention and Pre-lims with Div I and II in 2022.








Division I 


April 22-23*

March 24-25

April 5-6

April 4-5

Division II


April 22-23*

April 21-22*

April 12-13*

April 11-12*

Division III


May 27-28

May 26-27

May 24-25

May 23-24

Division IV


April 29-30

April 28-29

May 3-4

May 2-3

Division V


May 6-7

May 12-13

May 10-11

May 9-10


Oct 22-24

Oct 21-23

Oct 20-22

Oct 25-26

Oct 17-19


Here are the dates to avoid:


Mar 27-Apr 4

April 15-23

April 5-13

April 22-30

April 12-20


April 2-4

April 15-17

April 7-9

March 29-31

April 18-20

SAI Region 13


May 12-15

May 18-21

April 18-21

April 25-27

SAI Region 26


May 5-8

May 11-14

May 9-12

May 2-4

SAI Intl

Oct 11-16

Sept 26-Oct 1

Not posted

Not posted

Not posted

FWD Prelims

March 11-14

March 10-13

Not posted

Not posted

Not posted

FWD District

Oct 7-10

Oct 13-16

Oct 12-15

Oct 17-20

Not posted

CAN Thxgiv

Oct 9-11

Oct 8-10

Oct 7-9

Oct 12-14

Oct 11-13

CAN Victoria

May 21-24

May 20-23

May 19-22

May 17-20

May 16-19

Mem Day

May 28-31

May 27-30

May 26-29

May 24-27

May 23-26



There are some exceptions in the assigned dates:

SAI Region 26 (Western Canada) has conflicts, but they are with all the US Divisions II, IV or V.

Division III (Alberta) conflicts with Memorial Day, but that has been no problem in the past.



There is some flexibility in the assigned Convention dates, should the host chapter have issues with venue and hotel, for example. They may be able to swap a weekend with another Division convention.

These are other dates available that do not create conflicts:

2022: March 4-5, March 11-12 and March 25-26, April 8-9, June 3-4

2023: March 3-4, March 10-11, March 17-18, March 24-25, March 31-April 1, May 5-6, June 2-3

2024: March 1-2, March 8-9, March 15-16, March 22-23, April 12-13, May 31-June 1, June 7-8

2025: Feb 28-March 1, March 7-8, March 14-15, March 21-22, March 28-29, April 11-12,

May 30-31, June 6-7