Evergreen District Quartet Coaching Program

Evergreen District is committed to bringing learning to every chapter and quartet that wants it.

We are a far-flung District, and arranging coaching can be difficult.

However, we all want to support our quartets in their musical growth.

To simplify the process, EVG offers a simple grant.


  • The quartet must be registered with BHS, and be in good standing
  • Funds can be used any way the quartet wishes. No rules.
  • Travel, accommodations, coach fees - all are fair game.
  • No quartet can receive a grant more than once every two years. To track this, there is an application process.
  • Quartets with funds are encouraged to leave the money for those who need it.
  • Quartets are encouraged to contact QCED first, to see if there are funds available for coaching of groups of quartets
  • Quartets make all their own arrangements and engage the coach of their choice. No rules. Go for it!
  • The District will reimburse the quartet up to a total of US$400 to offset costs.
  • At this time, no receipts are required. We trust our brothers and sisters to be truthful.
  • Funds are disbursed to the quartet once the coach informs the EVG Director of Education that the event has taken place.


Click here to apply for your grant:  Quartet Coaching Grant Application Form