Evergreen District Quartet Coaching Program

Evergreen District is committed to bringing learning to every chapter and quartet that wants it.

We are a far-flung District, and arranging coaching can be difficult.

However, we all want to support our quartets in their musical growth.

To simplify the process, EVG offers a simple grant.


  • The quartet must be registered with BHS, and be in good standing
  • Funds can be used any way the quartet wishes. No rules.
  • Travel, accommodations, coach fees - all are fair game.
  • No quartet can receive a grant more than once every two years. To track this, there is an application process.
  • Quartets with funds are encouraged to leave the money for those who need it.
  • Quartets are encouraged to contact QCED first, to see if there are funds available for coaching of groups of quartets
  • Quartets make all their own arrangements and engage the coach of their choice. No rules. Go for it!
  • The District will reimburse the quartet up to a total of US$400 to offset costs.
  • At this time, no receipts are required. We trust our brothers and sisters to be truthful.
  • Funds are disbursed to the quartet once the coach informs the EVG Director of Education that the event has taken place.


Click here to apply for your grant:  Quartet Coaching Grant Application Form


Conflict Dates

Convention Dates and Conflicts

May 26, 2020 Rob Macdonald, Evergreen Director of Events


Over the years, Evergreen has struggled with the 6 convention dates it requires every year. We want to ensure that Judges are available and avoid conflicts with holidays and SAI convention dates. Chapters can choose and participate and host these conventions, and plan for the future. Here are the “assigned” dates for the Division and District conventions 2021-2025. (* denotes Quartet Prelims)








Division I

April 16-17*

April 1-2

March 24-25

April 5-6

April 4-5

Division II

April 16-17

April 22-23*

April 21-22*

April 12-13*

April 11-12*

Division III

May 28-29

May 27-28

May 26-27

May 24-25

May 23-24

Division IV

Apr 30-May 1

April 29-30

April 28-29

May 3-4

May 2-3

Division V

May 14-15

May 6-7

May 12-13

May 10-11

May 9-10


Oct 22-24

Oct 21-23

Oct 20-22

Oct 25-26

Oct 17-19


Here are the dates to avoid:


Mar 27-Apr 4

April 15-23

April 5-13

April 22-30

April 12-20


April 2-4

April 15-17

April 7-9

March 29-31

April 18-20

SAI Region 13

April 8-11

May 12-15

May 18-21

April 18-21

April 25-27

SAI Region 26

April 22-25

May 5-8

May 11-14

May 9-12

May 2-4

SAI Intl

Oct 11-16

Sept 26-Oct 1

Not posted

Not posted

Not posted

FWD Prelims

March 11-14

March 10-13

Not posted

Not posted

Not posted

FWD District

Oct 7-10

Oct 13-16

Oct 12-15

Oct 17-20

Not posted

CAN Thxgiv

Oct 9-11

Oct 8-10

Oct 7-9

Oct 12-14

Oct 11-13

CAN Victoria

May 21-24

May 20-23

May 19-22

May 17-20

May 16-19

Mem Day

May 28-31

May 27-30

May 26-29

May 24-27

May 23-26



There are some exceptions in the assigned dates:

SAI Region 26 (Western Canada) has conflicts, but they are with all the US Divisions II, IV or V.

Division III (Alberta) conflicts with Memorial Day, but that has been no problem in the past.



There is some flexibility in the assigned Convention dates, should the host chapter have issues with venue and hotel, for example. They may be able to swap a weekend with another Division convention.

These are other dates available that do not create conflicts:

2021: March 5-6, March 12-13 and March 19-20, May 7-8, June 4-5

2022: March 4-5, March 11-12 and March 25-26, April 8-9, June 3-4

2023: March 3-4, March 10-11, March 17-18, March 24-25, March 31-April 1, May 5-6, June 2-3

2024: March 1-2, March 8-9, March 15-16, March 22-23, April 12-13, May 31-June 1, June 7-8

2025: Feb 28-March 1, March 7-8, March 14-15, March 21-22, March 28-29, April 11-12,

May 30-31, June 6-7