Evergreen District Online College

Evergreen District is committed to bringing learning to every chapter and quartet that wants it.

We are a far-flung District, and attending HCNW or other training opportunities can be difficult and expensive.

To make training available for all chapter Officers, EVG has launched the EVG Online College. This system is free for every chapter in Evergreen District

  • Common Skills for All Officers
  • President
  • Membership
  • Coming Soon
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Marketing Your Chapter

Go To EVG Online College - https://evgdistrict.moodle.school/ 

We are actively seeking assistance to continue building good training of any kind that can be effectively delivered online.


If you have the following characteristics, we need you!

  • Create and animate Powerpoint slide presentations 
  • Create MP3 voice recordings
  • Follow a pre-printed script
  • Stick to a design

Want to help? Contact EVG Director of Education ([email protected])