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On 26th of June 2021 By Allen Crowley
The June 2021 edition of the Timbre is now online!  22 pages of news, information, and events throughout the EVG District.  

To access, please choose either:

the High Definition Version (prints and zooms in better), or
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Why do we sing?  Is it all about "me"?? or is it about what happens when we sing to and for others?  If you haven't listened to these two presentations made during the January Mid-Winter Virtual Convention, then you really need to listen to what both of these two marvelous people have to say about singing and barbershopping.

Kevin Keller's Mid-Winter's message is introduced by John Donehower, our current Society President.
Blair Brown's Mid-Winter's message is introduced by Erin Harris, BHS Chief Program Officer



BHS has a tool to help us reconnect past members called: PROJECT CONNECT.  (click on the title to go to the link and definitely watch the video)   BHS is offering half dues through 12/31/21. That’s $36 for folks under 26 and $72 for 26 and over. This offer is available even for members who lapsed before 12/31/19 and for any new members. Recently I was part of such an event. We retained a member of Evergreen by working with Allison of the BHS Customer Service Team. She granted the Connect discount for the member’s 2021 year. I could even discount the EVG dues from donations from certain folk who like to help. To date, I have $1,000 to allocate to this opportunity.

Invite your former members (or potential new members) to come and see what your chapter/chorus is doing safely right now (Zoom, car rehearsals, small spread-out outdoor gatherings, etc).
     Don Thorn, EVG Treasurer

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