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A comprehensive listing of scores from Division, District and International contests--for Evergreen and all other Districts--is available by clicking here. Scores from the Evergreen District's most recent conventions are shown below. You can also check the Evergreen Administrative website.


2016 District Scores

The 2016 Evergreen District Convention was held in Vancouver, WA on October 14-15. Congratulations to all Flipside Quartet, Northwest Sound Chapter, and all the other competitors! Scoresheets below.


2016 Division / Prelims Scores


2015 Evergreen District Convention

The 2015 Evergreen District Convention was held in Spokane, WA on October 16-17. Congratulations to all the winners and competitors! Scoresheets below.


2015 Division Contests

Congratulations to all competitors and to the winners of last year's round of Division Contests!

Division I Champions

Chorus: The Square Quartet Singers Association
Quartet: The Free Agents
Seniors: Party Of Four
Novice: Craft
Quartet scores / Chorus scores

Division II Champions & Prelim

Chorus: Kitsap Chordsmen
Quartet: 4.0
Novice: Waiting For The Interurban
Quartet scores / Chorus scores
Prelims scores

Division III Champions

Chorus: Western Hospitality Singers
Quartet: The Executives
Seniors: Close Encounter
Novice: Vocal Vortex
Quartet scores / Chorus scores


Division IV Champions

Chorus: Salem Senate-Aires
Quartet: SNAFU
Novice: Chordcraft
Quartet scores / Chorus scores

Division V Champions

 Chorus: Boise Chordsmen
Quartet: River City Sound
Seniors: Deja Vu
Novice: Without A Paddle
Quartet scores / Chorus scores