On Friday, April 21st, I joined Dick Swanson, who sang bass, Dan Tangarone on tenor, and Bob Schmidt, who sang baritone, to sing for Jim Owens' memorial. Jim was a very good friend of Dick Swanson's, and many of us Barbershop singers will remember him as well.

At the social gathering after the memorial, someone asked us to sing another song and we sang "What a Wonderful World." Dennis Black was there. Many of you will remember him as a longtime Skipper and Northwest Sound me...mber. He has Alzheimer's and did not recognize any of us. However, we decided to ask him to join us in singing "What a Wonderful World." From what I could see and hear, he got pretty much everything right. It was fantastic to see him sing again.

I have heard of this sort of thing before, but never experienced it firsthand. Music is very powerful, and can bring back deep memories in people, even though other memories may be gone.

Wes Sorstokke