Rich Lapp, shown above, is the 2014 Evergreen Barbershopper of the Year! That means the search is now on for our 2015 Evergreen District winner!

If you have a nominee for our next Barbershopper Of The Year (BOTY), please forward it to Bobby Huber, who will present the suggestion to the Committee. The nomination must be in the form of a resume, and should show the nominee is an active member with at least five years of service in the Evergreen District, and has accomplishments above and beyond just being a nice guy. In other words, this man has provided a beneficial service to his Chapter, his Division and the District as well.

Nominations will be accepted until March 1, 2016. Previous winners are not eligible. Only resumes only will be considered.

Thank you!

Bobby Huber,
Chairman, BOTY Committee
[email protected] / 425.337.0805