Show - It's About Time - Bremerton, WA - 2PM & 7PM - Aug 04, 2018

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Aug 4 2018 - 2:00pm to 9:00pm
Admiral Theatre
515 Pacific Avenue
98337 Bremerton , WA
United States
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West Sound Chorus presents a musical variety show that is part revue (songs with a scripted play for an energetic and engaging performance), and part virtuoso quartet singing that is stunning in form and presentation. The entire show is mostly A Cappella, 4-part harmony, mainly in what is called Barbershop Style. But this is not your 1950's or Jimmy Fallon Barbershop attempt. It will blow you away! This is a unique performance that is not performed anywhere else, and it is of a kind that is not otherwise available on The West Sound. It is a 2-hour (approximately) show with a 15-minute intermission.

It's about Time Travel, that is! How else can you visit Prehistory, The Middle Ages, and Modern Times in one evening? You'll laugh, and you may shed a tear, as West Sound Chorus transports you through the 4th dimension with singing, stage effects, humor and sentiment. The 25-man Chorus and cast of players will visit outrageous events in history and offer spirited and lovely songs along the way.

These accomplished singers bring their unique talents to meld Soul music to Barbershop Style. They also sing doo-wop and other pop music favorites. From Etta James to Queen, Signature gives lots of impassioned performances of songs you know and will love all over again. The quartet has been quickly rising through the Barbershop Harmony Society with their fresh style. Signature was the 2nd place Silver Medalist at the 2017 and 2018 International Contests, and they are likely Gold Medalists in 2019! Coming to us from central Florida, these 30 year-old men bring raw strength to vocal harmony.

We are so pleased to have them on our show after they took 11th place at Sweet Adelines International last fall. They could win this prestigious contest this year! Renegade's performance sparkles with energy and passion, and is now even more spectacular! These lovely ladies' voices and stage presence captivates audiences wherever they go.

Additional Information: For additional information, please visit:

Show Chairperson: Gene St Germain - 815-474-7492 - [email protected] 

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