Evergreen District Board of Directors (DBOD) - 2021

President John Rettenmayer  
Executive Vice President Don Greer  
Immediate Past President Charlie Metzger  
Secretary Chris Powell  
Treasurer Don Thorn  
Board Member at Large Rob Nitz  
Board Member at Large Bill Hickman  
Board Member at Large Deena Wolfe  


Evergreen District Operations Team - 2021

Bob Robson Director  -  Timbre Co-Editor  
Allen Crowley Timbre Co-Editor  
David Dobson Greensheet Co-Editor  
Edi Rebhanh Greensheet Co-Editor  
Duncan Gilman Facebook Admin  
James Betteley District Historian  
Judy Galloway Webmaster  
Larry Osterman M&PR Consultant - Internal Marketing


   Katie Jacob Director  
   Rpb Macdonald Director  
   Larry Breitbarth    
   Ed Gentz Director  
Contest and Judging    
   Jimbob Kahlke Director  
Harmony College Northwest    
    Glenn Hayes Co-Dean  
    Nancy Kurth Co-Dean


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