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What the heck is QCED?

by Mel Knight, Evergreen Education Operations Team

Most of you probably know that QCED stands for “Quartet Champions of Evergreen District.” I suspect there are those who think it’s just about a bunch of ex-district quartet champions hanging out together. In a way that’s true, but QCED is so much more. Let me tell you a bit about the organization.

Back in the 1970’s several District Champion quartets got together at the Islander Resort on Lopez Island for a weekend of fun, camaraderie and to put on a show for those at the resort. This went on throughout the ‘70s with each new district champion invited to the event where they were initiated into the group.

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Mt. Baker Toppers, Then and Now

by Jim Betteley, Evergreen District Historian 

This little post takes us back to the 1970’s. The Mt. Baker Toppers invited us all to the 1970 Evergreen District International Preliminary Quartet Elimination and Convention to be held on Saturday April 11, 1970. The invitation was published in the February Timbre that same year. Room rates were $8.50-9.50 for a single, $14.00 for a double and $15.00 for a twin. Adult tickets were $3.00. Oh, those were the days!

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Selling Your Chorus (or Quartet)

by Larry Osterman, Evergreen Communications Team

One of the ongoing challenges for choruses is how to increase community engagement – basically, how do you let your community know you exist. If your chorus isn’t the kind of chorus that can easily sell out a 1000 seat venue for your shows, it can be a bit of a challenge to figure out how to let the community know about you.

And why does letting the community know matter? Well, that’s where you get your members. And that’s where you get your customers (whether they be for your shows, Singing Valentines, or whatever).

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