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2018 EVG Convention - Final Scoring - Now available!

2018 EVG Convention - Final Scoring - Now available! 

The official scoring results from the 2018 Fall Convention for choruses, quartet semi-finals, and final scores for senior quartets are now available for review at: 

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HCNW 2018 - Special Workshops!

HCNW 2018 - Special Workshops Announced!  

Fore more information, please visit: www.harmonycollege.org 

Click here for PDF version of flyer (as seen below). 

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Timbre - Past Issues - Now Available!

Looking for past copies of the Timbre?  We're pleased to announce that these are now available! 

Please visit our archive page for past Timbre issues here

Questions about the Timbre?  Want to submit an article? Contact the Timbre Editor

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Timbre - December 2017

The December edition of the Timbre is now online!  Over 19 pages of news and events throughout the EVG District.  

To access, please choose either the Standard Version or the High Definition Version

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2017 Scores Now Available!

Planning on going to District Competition and need to see current scoring?  Good news!  

We now have the district 2017 scoring available for review at: https://evgsings.org/scores 

Good luck to all that are competing in Vancouver! 

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Bob Mahony: Celebration of Life Ceremony

Evergreen Barbershoppers, we mourn the passing of Bob Mahony - a great friend and champion singer within the Seattle SeaChordsmen chorus. 

Please join in a celebration of Bob's life, and history within BHS friend and as a quartet champion.

For over 60 years, Bob brought many special barbershop moments to friends and family alike. 

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Magical Moments: Singing and Smiles

Spreading the joy of song to others is something we all strive for as Barbershoppers.  The Tacoma TotemAires happen to practice at a venue that is across the parking lot from a dialysis center.  After a quick phone call to a nurse at the facility, the Chorus confirmed that the folks inside receiving treatment might benefit from a few songs. 

So, that's exactly what they did.  Around 30 members popped over before their weekly Chapter meeting for a quick visit.  During the performance, the chorus received a number of smiles, thumbs up, and applause from not only the patients, but also the staff. 

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Conflict Dates

Convention Dates and Conflicts

May 26, 2020 Rob Macdonald, Evergreen Director of Events


Over the years, Evergreen has struggled with the 6 convention dates it requires every year. We want to ensure that Judges are available and avoid conflicts with holidays and SAI convention dates. Chapters can choose and participate and host these conventions, and plan for the future. Here are the “assigned” dates for the Division and District conventions 2021-2025. (* denotes Quartet Prelims)








Division I

April 16-17*

April 1-2

April 14-15

April 5-6

April 4-5

Division II

April 23-24

April 22-23*

April 21-22*

April 12-13*

April 11-12*

Division III

May 28-29

May 27-28

May 26-27

May 24-25

May 23-24

Division IV

Apr 30-May 1

April 29-30

April 28-29

May 3-4

May 2-3

Division V

May 14-15

May 6-7

May 12-13

May 10-11

May 9-10


Oct 22-24

Oct 21-23

Oct 20-22

Oct 25-26

Oct 17-19


Here are the dates to avoid:


Mar 27-Apr 4

April 15-23

April 5-13

April 22-30

April 12-20


April 2-4

April 15-17

April 7-9

March 29-31

April 18-20

SAI Region 13

April 8-11

May 12-15

May 18-21

April 18-21

April 25-27

SAI Region 26

April 22-25

May 5-8

May 11-14

May 9-12

May 2-4

SAI Intl

Oct 11-16

Sept 26-Oct 1

Not posted

Not posted

Not posted

FWD Prelims

March 11-14

March 10-13

Not posted

Not posted

Not posted

FWD District

Oct 7-10

Oct 13-16

Oct 12-15

Oct 17-20

Not posted

CAN Thxgiv

Oct 9-11

Oct 8-10

Oct 7-9

Oct 12-14

Oct 11-13

CAN Victoria

May 21-24

May 20-23

May 19-22

May 17-20

May 16-19

Mem Day

May 28-31

May 27-30

May 26-29

May 24-27

May 23-26



There are some exceptions in the assigned dates:

SAI Region 26 (Western Canada) has conflicts, but they are with all the US Divisions II, IV or V.

Division III (Alberta) conflicts with Memorial Day, but that has been no problem in the past.



There is some flexibility in the assigned Convention dates, should the host chapter have issues with venue and hotel, for example. They may be able to swap a weekend with another Division convention.

These are other dates available that do not create conflicts:

2021: March 5-6, March 12-13 and March 19-20, May 7-8, June 4-5

2022: March 4-5, March 11-12 and March 25-26, April 8-9, June 3-4

2023: March 3-4, March 10-11, March 17-18, March 24-25, March 31-April 1, May 5-6, June 2-3

2024: March 1-2, March 8-9, March 15-16, March 22-23, April 12-13, May 31-June 1, June 7-8

2025: Feb 28-March 1, March 7-8, March 14-15, March 21-22, March 28-29, April 11-12,

May 30-31, June 6-7

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