Watch the District Convention LIVE on our Webcast

Can't make it to Vancouver for the Evergreen District Convention October 13-16? Then take advantage of our webcast!

The webcast is available for $25, and will be processed securely by Lions Mane Productions. Your information will be used for processing only, and will not be sold or utilized by any third party, for any reason (privacy policy).

Subscribers will have access to the Evergreen District Quartet Semi-Finals, Chorus Finals, Quartet Finals, Show Of Champions and webcast archives from October 17 to 24.

To signup for the webcast, visit And for more information about the Evergreen District Convention, click here.


Regional Learning Academies planned

Mark your calendars for one (or both!) of our Regional Learning Academies:

What have we got planned?

First of all we will offer some smaller group courses, which (depending on location) will include topics on:

  • Marketing and PR
  • Presidents
  • Treasurers
  • Secretaries
  • Membership
  • Music Team (we encourage each chapter have its music team present rather than just a representative)

In the afternoon we will hold two leadership courses for the whole body of participants. Both of these courses are branded BHS courses also offered at Harmony University and will have a skilled facilitator.

  1. THINK!:  a course that engages chapters in studying their level of chapter alignment and the areas that are most important to individual chapter's identity. It works best if groups of members from the same chapter are present to investigate their own chapter. Many chapters can be in attendance, but, ideally, they have multiple members present. 

  2. Chapter Membership Audit: a tool for determining the best roles and tasks for individual members to hold in the chapter, and a tool for determining the best strategies for moving people from Incompetence to competence in any skill that a chapter requires.


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Find a Chorus and Sing

Not only is singing excellent for your physical well-being and mental health, but it can alleviate pain, aide you in focusing, elevate that workout session, cheer you up, and calm you down (it's true; read this article!). But putting all that aside, it's also a whole bunch of fun! If you are interested in seeing what four-part barbershop harmony is all about--and how to find it near you--visit our Chapters or Quartets page!